Tonight’s Scary Adventure

it’s thursday night, and i’m taking out the garbage like every thursday night.

like every thursday night, i leave the garage door open to get some fresh air, especially when the garbage stinks.

tonight, after i placed the garbage, green bin, and blue bin on the curb, i came back into the garage to access the house. i looked up and was greeted by a huge daddy long legs mosquito sitting all spiderman-like on the door to the house.

i carefully took my slipper off, the bug moved, and after a pause i was like lightning, insuring a quick death. i looked in the car to find a paper towel, wiped the carcass off the door, and went back out to dispose of the paper towel in the green bin.

what an adventure! i was relieved. as i started back to the garage, i realized that my scary adventure had just started.

a skunk toed the line that separated the wild outdoors to the inside of my garage. she sniffed the rails to the garage door, hung around the front, and then entered my garage. i watched her from across the street, and came around the side to ensure i could retain visual contact. she went pretty far into my garage, about half a car length. eventually she left, and went toward the neighbour’s house. this whole sequence lasted about 6 minutes by my estimation.

i quickly ran into the garage and pressed the button that closes the garage door. i waited anxiously as it slowly came down. when it was all the way down, i did a quick walkaround to be sure she hadn’t slipped in, although i was pretty confident she had gone. the coast was clear, and i entered my house.

goddamn i need a drink!

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