XBOX One X Scorpio Edition Unboxing

I was so excited for this! Well, not the unboxing itself but for Scorpio to finally arrive!

Without further ado, here’s my unboxing video:

A few notes I realized after making the video:

First, the size difference. My old XBOX One was the XBOX One Elite, a big honker. Here’s some pics from the top and the front to show the size difference.



You can see here, that the Elite is about 2/3’s the size of the limited edition Halo 5 case taller than Scorpio.


Perhaps the most incredible difference from a hardware standpoint is that the Scorpio doesn’t have a power brick any more! Here’s a photo to show the difference in the power cables:


In terms of gameplay, I ended up playing a lot of Destiny 2 last night, because my friends got online and it was Tuesday, i.e., new weeklys! I didn’t think D2 looked particularly great. After a gaming session had finished, I loaded up Gears of War 4 and then Assassin’s Creed Origins. While there were noticeable improvements in Gears, I wasn’t really overly impressed. Then Assassin’s Creed went in, and through the menu settings I discovered that the HDR setting could not be turned on.

Frantically, I reached for my phone. There’s no way my TV doesn’t support HDR, I panicked. The PS4 Pro works.. how can Scorpio do this to me? I was getting desperate.

In the XBOX settings, there is a screen that tells you what is compatible with your TV. I got the green check for 4K display, but red X’s and yellow warning circles for everything else. It was saying my TV did not support HDR10. WTF IS HDR10??? I was feeling flat. My fingers were googling on my phone.

Tapping links, skimming through troubleshooting articles, 20 minutes later. I find out that TVs have settings too! I have a Samsung MU series 50″ TV, and hidden deep within the General settings was the HDMI Color setting, which upon selecting, you can choose which HDMI ports output this so-called magical “HDR Color”.

I held my breath, and I clicked HDMI Port 1. Instantly, the Assassin’s Creed menu screen looked vibrant. It was up on the screen as I was fiddling with my TV settings. Bayek came to life.

I got into the game. WOW! It looked as good as Horizon Zero Dawn* on the PS4 Pro! A week earlier I had tried Assassin’s Creed on the Elite and was very turned off by the way it looked. Today, it was a different experience.

I loaded up Gears. The colours popped off the screen. It was amazing. My favourite skin is Day of the Dead Reyna, and she looked amazing in both Visual and Performance modes. Horde on Performance mode looks amazing by the way. Silky smooth, just like the ‘ol PC (YAY for Play Anywhere)**.

I loaded up Destiny again. I swear it ran better now. It made me even google if Destiny 2 on Xbox One X supported 60 frames. I could not find anybody online that would confirm this, but the colours looked better and I swear the frames got better too. Perhaps this was psychosomatic.

I felt good about everything. It was 3:30am on a Tuesday –scratch that, a Wednesday now. It was time to go to bed. Goddamn it, I wish I figured all this out before doing all my D2 weeklys.

*H0D DLC out today as well! Didn’t try it yet, and will probably put it on the backburner for a bit… 🙂
**PC specs: I7 from 2014, 12 GB ram, Geforce 770 GTX Lightning

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